The Student Survival Guide

Are you having trouble getting through college? Does your life seem unorganized, and chaotic? If you answered yes, then I am so glad you stopped by! I created this infographic through this awesome website, Piktochart as a sneak peak of the content that I will be sharing on this blog. Pinterest recipes, make-up tips, organizing tips, cleaning tips, & quick/easy workouts will all be my main focus to make your life easier! I wanted to share this infographic with you all so that you had something to get super excited about!

The color scheme, graphics, and content were all carefully chosen as a reflection of what i hope the full blog posts will look like. My goal is to make an in depth “Survival Guide” for college students like you to follow so that you will all have a positive, and enriched college experience!

Piktochart. (2017) Reference lists: Electronic sources. Retrieved from, (2017, February 8)1.png


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