Make-up and other gifts that any girl would love to receive!


Imagine…You’re shopping for your girlfriend, sister, mother, or aunt. But you have no idea what to get them! Don’t worry.. Cierra to the rescue!

Bronzer- Was she not able to get away to some place warm, and sunny this year? A nice matte bronzer is perfect to give her that sun kissed glow any time of the year!

Where to buy it-Sephora, M.A.C.

Gym Membership- Gym memberships are a great way to make sure that the woman in your life continues to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be paying for a month of her membership, or encouraging her to give a gym a trial she will love you for it!

Where to get it- Planet Fitness, Snap Fitness, Crossfit.

Primer- A good face primer is vital for a flawless make-up application. Every skin type benefits from a primer so your girl will be sure to love the way her makeup will soon turn out!

Where to get it- M.A.C, Ulta, Sephora, CVS, Rite Aid.

Professional Make-up Application- Treat the woman in your life with a professional make-up application! She will walk away feeling like Beyonce!

Where to get it done-M.A.C, Sephora, Ulta.

House Cleaning Service- Give her a break from cleaning the house! A House Cleaning Service will be so appreciated so she can sit back, and relax on her special day!

Where to get it- Molly maid

For this blog post I entered a few words that I normally use when writing my posts, to my surprise I found that some of those words have low global monthly searches! (Which means I will have a hard time getting this blog shared) To give you a better understanding of the words that I changed I “bolded” the words that according to the Google Keyword Planner people like you search more often in comparison to words that I would normally use.

Now you may ask why do I need to know this? Well, now that I was made aware of the keywords that I should be posting more often, I will be able to reach more viewers like yourself!

Key words Google picked, and their global monthly searches-Bronzer (1M-10M), Gym(1M-10M), Primer (100K- 1M), Professional Make-up (100K-1M), House Cleaning Service (10K-100K)

Key words I picked, and their global monthly searches-Pinterest (1M-10M), Make-up (1M-10M), Fitness (1M-10M), Clean (100K-1M), Organization (100K-1M)

References- Spencer, C. (March 15, 2017) Girl Receiving Gift (picture) Retrieved from:


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