Google Certification!

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Hey guys!

Something very exciting to share with you this week! I was recently Google certified with Google Partners in Google Analytics! Now you’re probably asking.. Why am I sharing this with all of you? I take pride in sharing tips & tricks to surviving college with all of you; this is no different!

If you’re anything like me, your resume needs some serious love! I am so excited to add this certification onto my resume! Certification on a resume, especially from Google is a sure sign to employers about your competence in Web Analytics. Certification on Google products is known as not being “that easy” to achieve. I personally spent a total of 2 entire days preparing, researching, and studying for this certification!

If you’re interested this exam is completely free (college budget friendly!), and does not take that much time to complete if you’re prepared (as you should be for any exam)! I recommend watching the videos, studying the material, and making sure that you’re absolutely ready before you begin. I should also add that if you do not score an 80% or higher, you will have to wait a week before trying again!

This will help my career in communications due to now having really great understanding of how to use GA professionally, inquisitively and intellectually. I will be able to tap into features that I can offer to your employer that they may have voiced as a need or concern (but unaware of how to do it or if it was possible).


Spencer, C. (April, 15, 2017) Final Exam [Google Analytics Certification]. Retrieved from;cert=3


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