Networking at the Superior Awards

sspawardssp awards

Hey guys!

This past week I went to the Superior Awards here at Grand Valley. As an Advertising and Public Relations major, and having fellow classmates that were receiving awards I wanted to take part at the event! The Superior Awards are a way celebrate the outstanding work of students within the APR program. Everyone was in great spirits, and dressed their best!

Before the awards took place, Amanda St. Pierre spoke about her profession, and new PR firm that she would be opening. I thought it was a great opportunity, as well as inspiring to hear her tell her story; and was now well enough off that she could open up her own business. I was also super excited because a classmate in my CAP 220 class, won an award for his Campaign project! After the awards were over I decided that next year I want to submit a piece of my work!

Spencer, C. (April 12, 2017) Selfie at the Superior Awards. [photograph]. Retrieved from Cierra’s iPhone.


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